Elements of Persuasion

Attracting investment and raising money is a sales process. The following strategies contribute to persuasion and will help you convince an investor to make a commitment.

1. Praise
People like those who like them, so offer genuine praise. Research the investor in advance to uncover qualities that you admire.

2. Seek similarities
Uncover real similarities and shared interests with the person you are trying to persuade.

3. Give
People practice reciprocity, so give what you want to receive.

4. Prove
People believe in social proof, so give examples of other projects or organizations to show the value of your idea.

5. Peer power
Testimonials and introductions are very powerful in building credibility and enacting peer pressure.

6. Active commitment
People align with their own commitments, so voluntarily make their commitments active.

7. Connect
Connect your project to something that people value.

8. Act as an expert
People defer to experts, so expose your expertise, and do not assume it is self-evident. Make this expertise real by understanding your market well before talking to a potential investor.

9. Exclusivity
People want more of what they can have less of, so highlight the exclusive nature of your opportunity and information.

10. Differentiate
Emphasize unique benefits of your business. Show why you are different.

Adapted from Social Sector Entrepreneurship and Innovation Reference Guide by Community Collaborator Aperio

Image Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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